Yams is a Chicago based artist primarily focused on public murals and paintings on canvas/wood. His process is intuitive, discovering imagery as he creates and destroys portions of his work. With a 20 year background as a graffiti writer, Yams uses spray paint as his primary medium while incorporating techniques based on traditional forms of oil painting. He has practiced both classical and contemporary art while studying painting and printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he graduated with a BFA in 2005. Over the past 10 years, Yams has acted as a co-curator and participating artist helping to organize numerous murals and exhibitions throughout the city of Chicago. He plans to continue to focus on his studio practice while continuing to spread his unique imagery on walls both locally and internationally.



Cookie Kwan

Cookie Kwan is a local Chicago artist known for her dreamy cloud work, blended colors and powerful line art that come together to create an instantly recognizable style. She describes her art by stating, "my style of work is a marriage between fine art in the way that I do my clouds, incorporated with a wheat paste graffiti style with black and white line work over it. I like how it marries the two contrasts'' Cookie Kwan has painted murals all across Chicago and participated in numerous group and solo shows in galleries and exhibits around the city.
IG: Cookie.kwan


Jenny Vyas

Jenny is a contemporary fine artist based out of Chicago. She is highly influenced by beauty in complex human emotions and the human condition, and attempts to reveal them through multiple nuances in expressions through her art. Her interest in human frailty shows in her paintings where she create semi-abstracts of human silhouettes and fluctuating forms in half-light; all drawn from reality, personal experiences, and memories. Since her art emerged from the darkest period in her life, she explores vulnerability to heal herself and hopefully heal others through her work. As a result, painting Phoenixes rising from ashes is a significant theme as part of her work. Jenny enjoys painting interactive murals where the viewers become a part of the artwork and the art is an extension of their stories. Some of her current popular murals are the Wings in West Loop at Federales Chicago (painted in collaboration with Chicago artist, Caesar Perez) that have gone viral on Instagram with the hashtag #FederalesChi, her #BeTheBridge mural supporting the Black Lives Matter #BLM movement for Soul City Church in West Loop, her untitled mural at Westfield Old Orchard mall in Skokie (IL), #HowWillYouRISE mural at the Clifton Street Art Gallery on Broadway/Clifton in Uptown, Chicago, her Indian murals at ROOH Progressive Indian restaurant in Chicago + at ROOH in Columbus (Ohio), and at the Khiladi South Indian Gastro pub in East Village, Manhattan in NY.

Best place to see her latest artwork and follow her journey is on her Instagram at @JennyVyas.

Jenny's artistic influences stream from music, poetry, books, artists like Shakespeare, Rothko, JR, Banksy, Alexa Meade, Andy Worhol, Jackson Pollock, Da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Georgia O'Keeffe, Gustav Klimt, and many more.



Melina Scotte

Melina was born and raised in Argentina, I began my journey with painting when I was just twelve years old. The majority of skills I have been developed throughout the years reflect on curiosity, experimenting and growth also dabbing with different materials and trying techniques, and truly allowing my self to enjoy the journey.

People, bright colors and details are the inspiration for most of my pieces.

I really enjoy the diversity in my daily life therefore, my way to create art is always a little different, depending on the materials that I use such as, knife painting, brushes, watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, etc. normally my characters and specialty are women from my imagination.

The purpose with my art is to allow viewers to see something from their own perspective and to be able to transmit beauty and imagination through my artwork.

I believe that society expresses change in relation to what is around us, and what surrounds us affects in what we become. If people surround themselves with beauty and harmony, we as a society will be more inclined to be kind to one another. I am always looking to inspire people to be creative and to look for those things that feed the soul.
IG: Melscotte


Art Kleinman

Art Kleinman is an American Contemporary painter who was born in 1949. He received his BFA from University of Kansas. Art has been on the art scene for over 45 years and still creating. His style has evolved and gone through many phases from color theory and geometrical abstract compositions to political commentary and portraiture work. Currently he has transitioned back into more abstract works. Numerous key galleries and museums in the Midwest such as Museum of Contemporary Art, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago Cultural Center, Rockford Art Museum and Atrium Gallery have featured Art Kleinman's work in the past. A list of all his exhibitions and collections can be found at http://www.atriumgallery.net/art-kleinman-bio



With a multi-disciplinary approach and unique vision, his works are of various mediums and surfaces. From large outdoor murals, to small figurines — anything’s game. Joe believes art should not be confined or restricted, as long as it is executed with integrity and skill. The content of his pieces vary, but more often than not, they intersect humor, human behavior, and city life.

Currently, Joe’s goal is to create a large series of work, and to paint more murals (anywhere and everywhere!). His primary intention is to “produce quality work, and hopefully make a meaningful impact in the process”.

Joe has been heavily involved in Chicago’s Graffiti art scene and collaborated on murals with highly known Chicago artists Statik and Max Sansing. His work has been exhibited in several galleries such as Elephant Room and Chicago Truborn.

IG: Cujodah



Dmonolgy has been on the forefront of Chicago’s hip hop scene with strong roots in Graffiti and Emceeing. He has helped bring the world wide Graffiti event Meeting of Styles to the city which brings in Graffiti artists from all over the world. He’s done murals all across Chicago and in Mexico. He is a progressive thinker and has his own radio program called “Think Theory Radio” the show that brings topics outside the mainstream realm of thought & ideas to make you think! It airs
Every Saturday night 6-7pm on WCPT820.



Brendan Cooney

Muralist, artists, curator and designer. Performance painter, brendan cooney is a chicago south side native with roots in graffiti and contemporary urban art. more recently he has been taking new form with contemporary pop and surrealism with a street vibe. he has been an artist since his early youth, taking classes and later attended siu’s fine arts program focusing on drawing and sculpture. he excelled after college as a local emerging artist, experimenting with various painting techniques on canvases. brendan’s more recent work can be defined by his use of multiple mediums such as oil, acrylic, ink, spray paint, stencil and print, creating depth and contrast that is pronounced in his multi-layered pieces.

Brendan’s work has expanded from the studio back onto the street in the last few years with design & custom work of large scale murals in both miami wynwood art district, and chicago. he has worked on custom designs for the allium at the four seasons hotel in chicago, and has been building quite the name for himself in the midwest. brendan has been sought after by a number of companies to add to their public and private collections. more recently doing custom clothing designs for dj’s and music festivals, a number of live paintings for charity events as well as creating custom work for red bull and many other corporate clients.

IG https://www.instagram.com/cooney_werks/

Roho Garcia

Award winning designer, Erick “ROHO” Garcia is one of Chicago’s most active artists. Garcia received his BFA in Illustration from the American Academy of Art and recieved a scholarship for his MA Degree in Painting, from Governors State University. Throughout his artistic growth, Garcia’s philosophy has been “Life is Art,” which is conceptualized a number of ways through his variety of artistic talents.

One of those talents for Garcia is teaching high school students the experience of self-expression and artistic development. Garcia has been instructing classes for After School Matters, focusing on the fundamentals of art and design as well as Muralism. In 2012 he was given the opportunity to teach art classes at the National Museum of Mexican Art with emphasis on composing artistic individualism.

For the past 5 years, Garcia has been focusing on developing EXPO Collective, L3C, as a Co-founder and Creative Director. Garcia has been a crucial part in developing and executing exhibitions, took the lead on the conceptualization and execution of the first ever visual arts festival in Pilsen(Chicago) called the Quetzal Art Fest.

When he is not engulfed in composing a new series of paintings he spends his time mixing music and becoming an all around DJ. As an artist of many passions, Garcia’s theatrical experiences have lead him into screenplay writing, directing and acting in his first short film, DIBUJO, a film focused on the process of being a true artist.

Erick “ROHO” Garcia
Instagram: @RohoArte
Twitter: @RohoArte


Roiz One

Roiz is a talented Hispanic artist that takes pride in his culture. He finds creative ways to incorporate his heritage and personal life in all of his paintings. This self taught artist is technical, precise and deeply cares about everything he creates. His use of the cardinal is to symbolize the spirit of his grandma which was an animal she loved . He enjoys painting on found objects, hence his vinyl record pieces.

He was born in Mexico, but has lived in Chicago since was 10. He appreciates doing work for his community and incorporates his graffiti lettering style with love for his grandma’s spirit animal.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/roiz_one/

Ivan Vazquez

Ivan Vazquez is a Mexican American visual artist born and based in Chicago Illinois. Ivan's work inspires reconnecting to your indigenous spirituality and the need for balance In a city where if you don't stay grounded you get swept away . The beauty and brutality the city is known for. Undertones of hip hop culture Represent the importance of community and acceptance . Ivan'swork has been featured in local grassroots/ community shows to sponsored shows/events ranging from the Jordan Brand( From Chicago for Chicago), NBA. Pepsi Co. Hispanic heritage month, Don Julio Galeria and most recently featured on Showtimes "the Chi" season 4. Re- imagining traditional chicano/aztec art his pieces celebrate modern day descendants and paying tribute to the ancestors.